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Questions & Answers

Our normal hosting packages is basically the same that you would get from a other hosting companies except that our our hasting is optimised for performance rather than unessesary disc space. 

Our developer packages includes premium software used by developers to build more advanced websites. It is important to note that our servers are optimised for better performance to run websites build with such sofware.

We have found that many of the popular web hosting companies offer cheep packages with a lot more storage space and are not optimised to handle the required software for dynamic content websites. 

An average website is about 200Meg to 300Meg in size. When you add some starage space for your email accounts and space to make on-site backups for duplication, then a 1 Gig package is really all you need. (Please note that we already make backups on our servers)

The only time when you need more space is when you are going to load a lot of high resolution images to sell online or video content saved on the server. Always try and sat at 50% of your package size.

To give you an idea, an ecommerce site with 1000 products and each product image uses a large image of 200kb, your images needs 200Meg of space. Now add that to your website of 200Meg you are way under 50% of your package.

When you are going to install more websites as addon domains or sub-domains then you will need a bigger package.

We have limited our packages to have the right options for sub-domains or addon domains and extra databases to function at optimal performance.

Also, never max your package in storage or capacity as it will effect the performance of your website.

Performance is what is most important as it effects how fast your website loads and process actions.

It costs a lot more to offer hosting optimised for performance than large storage space. The same goes for your computer or laptop. A bigger hardrive does not make your computer faster.

People often think they get 5Gig of storage for a very cheap price but the reality is that a website is only about 300Meg in size so you are never going to use the 5Gig and should you load media or a heck of a lot of data to fill up the 5Gig you will run out of resources for sure.

If your are only going to do the FREE WordPress Training Course or the  Beginner WordPress Training Course and want to build your website with the basic WordPress tools then a normal starter or basic hosting package is all you need.

The Advanced and Expert WordPress Training Courses require a developer package that includes the necessary software that forms part of the training to build professional websites.

Very seldom will we build websites without the required software because we do not use WordPress themes and all sorts of plugins.

In most cases, if your website is built by GoPeter you will need a Developer Package because we do things right.

Yes, from your account control panel you can change your package at any time.

Get the GoPeter Starter Hosting Package and you need a domain. You do not have to build a website. Everything you need is included in your hosting package to set up email accounts for the domain.

If you need more email accounts, contact our support team to add more email accounts to your hosting package at no extra cost.

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