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Learn how to build your own website with WordPress

Whether you want to build your own website or build websites for clients, this is where you want to learn how to do so. The WordPress Training we have for you ranges from basic training for beginners up to expert level.

What makes our training different from anywhere else is that we show you how to do things right from the beginning so that you can avoid the mistakes web designers so often make.

No need to buy all the expensive software for professional websites, our Developer Hosting Packages include everything you need.

Check Out our Free WordPress Training Course...

We know the importance of knowledge, so we are here to take you through the various aspects of web design, step by step.

FREE WordPress Training Course

40 Training Modules included in our Free online WordPress Course

What you will be able to do with our FREE WordPress Training Course!

The FREE WordPress Training Course will put things into perspective and teach you how to set things up correctly from the start. We often see so many websites being build for clients that are a total mess, and we want to avoid this by showing you how to do things correctly.

You will learn to build a complete website with all the necessary bells and whistles and more. Once you completed the FREE WordPress Training Course, you will be ready to learn more from our video tutorials.

Start with the FREE Course

For beginners, we have a Free course that consists of 50 modules to learn from to build your first website.

Our Video Library

In addition to the training course, we also have a comprehensive library to show you how to do even more.

Online Discussions

We hold regular Zoom meetings where students can participate and ask questions and more.

Outsourcing Work

When students specialise in an area or provide specialised services, we gladly pass work to them.

Joint Ventures

We are open to progress and are willing to consider Joint ventures that will improve service to our clients.

Custom Video Tutorals

We make custom videos for our clients to teach them how to manage their websites.

Available from April 2022

Paid WordPress Training Courses

Our Paid WordPress Courses consist of over 200 Training Modules

Our courses are designed for those who want to build WordPress websites in the right way. These courses are ideal for someone who want to become a web designer building websites for clients or for someone who wants to get on top of their game building and managing their own website. These courses are highly informative and easy to follow. If you want to learn WordPress this is definitely the route to follow and will save you a lot of time and effort than trying and learn things yourself. It is absolutely worth the investment.