Website Management

The setup of your marketing solutions.

Website Management

We are partnered with specialists for custom integration, ensuring there is no end to what we can do. We are a business building online businesses; we manage your online business similarly to how your physical business gets upgraded to perform better—acting as a support team to your website, working on a retainer basis which includes everything you want us to manage. We work out our management/retainer charge on how much time and resources it will take to manage.

Here at GoPeter, we keep your website user-friendly and search-engine friendly by accessing the website’s backend. We manage websites because of all the changes in search algorithms and customer behavioural patterns, which are constantly changing. We prepare your site for further growth as it hosts more visitors and offers more services. See it as website renovation, which entails several different services combined so that you don’t have to worry about running your website.

Retainer size and complexity

Retainers are monthly fees that cover work performed on the website and are calculated by the number of hours worked and the level of tasks involved.