Website Maintenance

The setup of your marketing solutions.

Website Maintenance

We improve your website by monitoring your analytics and creating a strategy based on performance and user behaviour. We see what customers respond to and keep content new and exciting by adding new content, videos or imagery and replacing media and content that no longer attracts traffic to the site. We test updates and plug-ins on a staging site before updating the website in case the update is insufficient and could crash the entire site. When clients build their website, they will run their maintenance, although the safer way is if it is maintained by us because we constantly check up on the site.

Website maintenance is included in website management and is as important as the initial website design; fresh website content is imperative to remain competitive.

Here at GoPeter, we maintain traffic on the website as well as social media platforms linked to the website so that we keep posting engaging content accordingly.

Keeping the website relevant

You can enhance your company's reputation by keeping your website up-to-date with new content.

Addon Services

You can grow your website with additional services available to increase your online presence.