Search Engine Optimisation

The importance of SEO

Search is essential to online marketing; how potential customers search for your business. Search engine optimisation is how search engines find a website using crawling, indexing and ranking.

Crawling use bots to scour the internet for content, using computer programs to make their way through pages by following links to other pages.

Indexing is a list of all the content found by the bots, and search engines use the content on the search results pages.

The ranking compares results, and ranking pages display the most relevant items and connect the searchers with what they are looking for.


Using relevant string phrases and keywords, we optimize each page, the website as a whole, and any off-site media linking to the site, improving the quality to ensure search engines find your website. We make improvements to make your site more understandable and enhance visibility for search engines.

Here at GoPeter, we take steps to make your website perform better and rank higher on any search engine.

Cleaning up your on-page,cross-site and off-site SEO for better readibility.