The setup of your marketing solutions.

Online Digital Marketing

5 Steps to Follow

Digital Marketing is not about posting content on social media. When we do digital marketing for our clients, we design an entire marketing strategy that is built around various components that integrates with one another to ensure results.

There are several ways to manage content to establish a worthwhile online presence that will grow your audience, and most of these options require effort without advertising costs.

Without an audience you do not have an online business

Step 1

In-depth Analysis


We sit down and discuss the requirements of your business and look at what makes your business unique compared to similar companies. We give the business an edge by assessing the industry, competitors and customers. We see which campaign is most needed for the business, a branding campaign, an educational or a sales campaign, and start rolling out each.

From this, we can determine where more attention is needed, the successes and failures and how to better the look of the business.

Research and Evaluation

The assessment of the market, consumer behaviour, trends, challenges, and competition.

marketing strategy vs marketing plan

A marketing strategy serves as the building block of the marketing plan; a strategy is putting a plan into motion.

Step 2

Marketing Stategy

Seeing how we can improve your business

We concentrate on the business’s limitations and focus on a marketing plan to execute, which addresses problems and will give a competitive edge and fix shortcomings. A solid marketing strategy is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan that these goals may be achieved.

Marketing strategies contain vital elements of a company’s brand and help to choose the right marketing tactics based on that research. 

Step 3

Marketing Presentation

We present our detailed results of research and how we are going see the marketing plan through to sell your product or service not only to your existing customers but to new audiences as well. We display our strategy through presenting therefore, the importance of a presentation is undeniable, and we are determined to grab your attention.

In the presentation, we will discuss what stands out in the business, our findings of the problems, marketing solutions and revise a budget model for your business.

The goal of a presentation

The goal consists of devising a plan and presenting it, but it is executed that makes it a reality.


A customized plan is created for each client based on their budget requirements.

Step 4


The budgeting process

A marketing budget is an estimate of projected costs to market your products or services. We establish objectives and targets and go through the minimum cost of work we are going to implement. We provide a few add-on costs separately that we feel you might need to improve the overall package.

We make sure there is no buyer’s remorse or regret after having made a deal with us by charging only for the necessary services.

Step 5


Roll out the marketing plan

We turn our marketing strategy into action, making the ideas detailed. This is the last step in the marketing plan, the follow-through. Because execution is often a critical factor in a successful marketing strategy, an implementation plan helps makesure each step meets or exceeds goals and reveals any issues to correct quickly.

This step requires a scheduled time frame, each task assignment, activities to be completed, targets and trackers.

Putting the plan into motion

Marketing should be relatively easy to achieve, provided comprehensive planning is in place at the beginning.