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By now you should already know that the digital arena is way bigger than you can comprehend and it continues to grow. People are searching for things online and unless they find your business online, they don’t know about you… more so for the future.

There are many ways to start building an online presence and the sooner you start the greater the benefit as time passes. You will have to upskill yourself along the way. You will have to interact with your audience and add content on an ongoing basis. You must work at it and your efforts will pay off.

GoPeter Services

Our Services

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Web Hosting

We have our own in-house hosting platform for our clients that streamlines the development and management of sites.

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Web Design

We build custom websites that range from static sites to e-commerce sites to dynamic content delivery websites based on your requirements.

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Custom Development

Start with a proper branding strategy for your online business which is the key to Google’s Algorithm.

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Graphic Design

Most of our graphic design gets done in-house and often includes professional photography and video editing.

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Search Engine Optimisation consist of several aspects needed for an affective online presense.

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You need a marketing strategy and implementation based on your available budget.

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WordPress Training

You must learn to manage your online business yourself. We have put together a comprehensive training program for you to learn from.

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Website Maintenance

A website requires ongoing maintenance, updates, monitoring and improvements. 

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Website Management

Certain websites require daily management that might require an extra person to manage online affairs.

GoPeter Services Online Presence

Grow your Online Presence

A Comprehensive Approach... all the tools you need

Our aim at GoPeter is to provide specialised tools to build an online business as a comprehensive service to our clients. Not all the tools are necessary at once, start and grow your business over time with the tools we offer.

Grow your online presense

Rent a Website as an alternative...

Sometimes we need to crawl before we can walk and then run. Renting a website is an affordable option to start.

Questions & Answers

To start you do not need all the services at once. You can add better functionality to you website as your budget allows it.

At the end if you want full functionality of your website then everything must be in place.


Planning things ahead is your first step. 

Secondly you need to determine the cost to add functionality to your site and set a budget aside.

Start building your website. You can build your website in stages. Add all your content and professional graphics.

The next big step is SEO, then Marketing and then adding content such as regular posts as part of ongoing site management.


It is highly recommended that you do. Running an online business is something that you as owner of the business does. The more you know the better, it will save you a lot of money at the end.

Bigger companies employs people for the purpose of running their website which includes social marketing, managing statistics, making changes to web content. adding new content and much more.

You can set apart a monthly budget to pay someone to do things for you but ultimately you must learn to manage your own online business.

Nobody can manage your online presense better than yourself.