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From a website to an Online Business… Think about It

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Stop... and think about what we do?

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Introducing Our Work

Dynamic Content Development & Web Design

Apart from standard websites, we develop dynamic content websites where the content changes based on the data input.

This means websites that do something such as using front-end loaders for portfolio pages, listing sites, online bookings and appointments as well as advanced filtering functions and a whole lot more.

Then, we also provide all the necessary add-on services to grow your website into an online business with interactive functions to engage with your audience and to reach new markets and clients.

In reality... we build Online Businesses

For some, it starts with an idea and for others, it's about taking their business online.

Do you want to learn how to build your own website?

GoPeter developed an entire training platform for beginners up to an expert level in building WordPress websites.

Introducing Our Work

In-house hosting services

We started building dynamic content websites for our clients and very quickly discovered the frustration of working with various hosting companies. Now we provide our own in-hosting called GoPeter Hosting from where we can manage our client’s websites on the go. This includes reliable performance requirements that are often not available through popular hosting companies. We also managed to keep the hosting costs competitive. For Web Designers, we have developer packages that include popular software.

Normal Hosting Packaged

Better resources at a competitive price.

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Developer Hosting Packages

Pre-installed software as part of hosting.

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Custom Hosting Packages

Custom packages for multi-site businesses.

Build websites for your clients.

All the tools you need for managing your client’s websites with premium software and training for WordPress Web Designers.

GoPeter Articles

The Digital Future

Our involvement in developing digital banking platforms provides valuable foresight into the future.

So, ready to take your idea to a new level?

At GoPeter we provide a complete service to take your idea or your business online.

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